i cried in the library during spring finals 2013 after seeing this video at 3am

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AGAIN doge 
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Fever Dog
Artist: Stillwater (Almost Famous)

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Diane Young
Artist: Steve Buscemi

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Ear scratches

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dane deehan has a wife?? what the fuck

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make me choose: Sebastian Stan or Dane DeHaan? (asked by anonymous)

My wife was like, “Please don’t cry right now. In this restaurant. Because you’re eating a burger." And I was like, [broken sob] "But this is so delicious!”
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Anonymous asked: Sexual orientation?

straight (edge)

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here’s all the picture of my puppy pongo

he’s so adorable daaaaw!! I love the black ink splotch on his muzzle mostly!

Anonymous asked: Embarrassing story?

one time in history i dropped my pen on the floor and the desk was connected to the seat so when i reached over to get it the entire desk fell over with me in it. i almost dislocated my shoulder and i was the only one laughing

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Anonymous asked: What part of NY are your from?? The city? The island? Upstate?

im from staten island
which is also part of nyc btw
its a borough i swear

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Anonymous asked: What's your favorite Disney movie or what was your favorite Disney movie when you were little?

i was obsessed with the little mermaid and the lion king

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Anonymous asked: Fav movies??

my favorite movie will always be goodfellas

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